Some client testimonials

“If you are looking for a business coach that can bring your organizational to the next level I am confident that Bob can lead you in the right direction. As President of ABTech for 17 years I know my business very well and yet was struggling to grow the business. Bob initially worked with me on the organizational structure which resulted in the promotion of several people to create to create a management team and a steering committee. This highly motivated team is now working with Bob on the strategic planning process of implementing our business plan. Sales are up, morale is up and we are all excited about the path forward.

Bob listens well, demonstrates a high level of emotional intelligence, has a lot of experience, and stays up to date while facilitating the process so that our team can collectively develop a plan that makes sense for our business.”
Ken Abbott,
President ABTech, Inc.

“Bob has been a volunteer and instructor at the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship for a number of years now, and most recently, helped us put together an event focused around resilience and agility. The event was called Walking Backward into the Future and can probably sum up Bob’s skills quite nicely — he brings a lifetime of extraordinary experience but is not stuck in the past. I find him always forward thinking, always open to discuss new ways and new ideas, and ready to engage his audience. But unlike many others, his forward thinking is grounded in an incredible amount of knowledge and wisdom.”
Mary Ann Kristiansen,
Executive Director Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship

“Dr. Bob Vecchiotti worked on a complex project evaluating operational problems in one of our essential diagnostic areas at Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine. This project was inordinately complex and involved meeting with different personnel and synthesizing all of the information in a 30 minute presentation with recommendations. Throughout all of this process I found Dr. Vecchiotti to be extremely insightful as well as extremely easy to work with. He is very responsive and a pleasure to work with professionally.”
Douglas L. Mann M.D,
Chief Cardiovascular Division Department of Medicine Washington University School of Medicine

“Largely due to collaboration skills I developed working with Bob, I’ve been given international roles that span geographies. Some things that made me effective in various roles were learned from my working with Bob, such as to listen, question, and coach as opposed to being authoritarian. This is particularly important given the senior level of my direct reports each of whom need their own space and latitude to make decisions, including the opportunity to fail on less significant matters. Learning from mistakes is sometimes the best learning.

One final comment on working with Bob, he has a very reasoned and calming demeanor. This plus his positive outlook makes him a pleasure to work with and part of his effectiveness as an advisor and coach.” 
Mike D. Milone,
Executive Vice President, H.J. Heinz

“Bob introduced himself on a cold call. The management team and I were impressed with his ability to listen to our circumstances, ask key questions, summarize our circumstances, and outline how he could help us…..As a result the executive team became much more candid with each other, and set in place our strategic direction for the next five years.”
Scott Evans,
(Then) Vice President, Marketing Maverick Tube Corporation

“During the 1996-2006 time period I reached out to Bob Vecchiotti to provide specialized resource support in delivering business succession services to several important (Deloitte) clients. Bob’s support was critical to the ultimate success of the project. As a result three companies remained privately help by the same families, are very profitable and successful by most definitions of success. One company was hiring a COO based on his recommendation……Bob’s expertise and support in leading these difficult “change issues” was excellent in all regards.”
Don Poling,

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