A new leadership perspective

From our experience and expertise in business and psychology, a working definition of leadership has evolved.

Leadership is:

A long-term, value-based process that encourages leaders and implementers to initiate actions that contribute to achieving a common purpose, and to willingly make significant contributions toward meeting its mutual objectives.

This definition encompasses several aspects of leadership. First, it is long-term even though the role of leader may pass to another person as new circumstances and demands occur, leadership continues to evolve.

The traditional ways of looking at leadership were built on the characteristics of male political and business leaders of the time. Autocratic leadership dominated. Now those characteristics are being challenged as more and more women entrepreneurs are ascending in major corporations and in politics. Collaboration between leaders and followers is becoming more routine. People feel more empowered by and committed to companies that recognize and apply a more transformation leadership style.

Women leaders are in addition to being more collaborative have a clear focus on developing people, a focus on both the details and the long term, are willing to say what they know and don’t know, focus on similarities more than differences, ask a lot of questions, and rely on their intuition to fill gaps. The leadership styles of women are greatly modifying the early qualities of leaders. The resulting convergence of complementary styles of leadership between men and women will make business organizations much stronger and they will achieve more.

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Some leaders are born women.

Geraldine Ferraro