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What is leadership?

Leadership is a young term that’s only been around since the end of the 19th Century. Prior, it was all about the leader and the leader’s qualities. Some of that focus remains and tends to get in the way of understanding leadership as a relationship between leaders and followers

Much has been written about leadership through the lens of leader characteristics and each decade adds more insight to them. Some of the latest characteristics include: collaborative, humble, humorous, persistent, resilient, and agile. Though important they still focus on the leader.

A few writers and researchers on leadership have connected with our sense that leadership is a process that brings leaders, followers, and circumstances together to create a strong sense of direction with desired results.

Bob is one of the top strategic and innovative consultants in the business industry. His methods of developing and advising executives is second to none, providing them with a wealth of information through valuable techniques and guidelines which enabled companies to grow with improved bottom lines.

—Maryer Thomas,
Management Consultant

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